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Using Vehicle Transportation

Today we are taking a look at car and vehicle transportation, what it is, what it involves, how it works, etc, so please read on to learn more……

What is car and vehicle transportation?

Car and vehicle transportation is the method of moving cars / vehicles from one location to another safely and professionally.

What options are available to transport my car / vehicle?

Most transport companies will offer a variety of options.  Most commonplace would be using a trailer or an enclosed trailer to move your vehicle.  It is worth talking to your chosen carrier to discuss all options in detail, as prices vary from company to company.

Will my car / vehicle be insured when travelling?

It is usually worth checking with your own car insurer as to whether they will insure you on the journey.  It is also worth checking what the values of insurance are from your transporting firm as they will cover you but only up to the figures on their own insurance policy.

Is my car automatically tracked?

Not necessarily, this all depends on whether the company you are using to transport your vehicles has GPS tracking or not.  This could be a factor you need to consider when choosing which company you want to use for the transportation purposes.  Some companies will offer this as standard service, whereas others may charge extra or may not offer it at all.

If you are transporting a vehicle over a long-distance it may be worth using a firm that has GPS tracking as sometimes drivers come across obstacles that cannot be avoided meaning they may not arrive at the destination at the pre-empted time.  Using GPS will at least allow you to see where things are.

Will my vehicle be picked up?

Again, this is totally down to the discretion of both you and the firm you choose to use.  Some will offer to pick your vehicle up from your location and drop it off at the exact location you are going to, or alternatively you can drive your car to a car collection point and have it taken from there.  Again, this can vary from company to company, so always double check the services that are offered.

How can I pay for my vehicle transportation?

As you’ve probably already worked out, this will vary from company to company.  Some will require a deposit, other not.  You can usually pay via card, cash, or cheque, but it is very important that you verify the forms of payment accepted by a firm before fully committing to them.

More information about vehicle transportation can be found online, but we hope that you’ve found this little guide useful, and we welcome any comments you may have.

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