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The Importance of Business Marketing

What is business marketing?

There are quite a few, similar definitions, of ‘business marketing’. For the purposes of this article we will use the following, all-encompassing version:

Business marketing is a process that bridges the gap between businesses and customers. It is a process that identifies customers’ requirements and introduces them to the business that can provide the products or services they require.

Business marketing is an essential element in the healthy development of ever business. Bad, little, or no marketing, means, bad business, bad results and bad outcome.

Concentrate on the marketing of your product, or service; but do not make the mistake of overlooking the importance of your business image!

  1. Learn from the masters of marketing wizardry

Take a look at, for example, the top supermarkets; what is their message? Well, first off they’ll all tell you, virtually without exception, that they’re offering terrific value for money, huge discounts and exceptional deals.

Furthermore, they’ll do their best to convince you that they only deal in the very best ‘quality’ products.

They all pride themselves on their quality of service. They care for their customers, they reward their customers, with, such things as, free coffee and redeemable points on loyalty cards. Their customers are special, because they are wise, astute shoppers; isn’t it good to be appreciated!

Supermarkets will also display a social conscience. It’s not uncommon for these giants to support local charities with frequent donations and fund raising events.

This all adds up to a brilliant, proven, marketing strategy. You may consider the supermarkets’ approach as a little cynical, but, as a business model, it works.

Look at successful business models, when people see your business name, what is it that comes straight to mind? It has to be, quality, reliability and value for money!

  1. Embrace technology

It really is a no brainer, get yourself represented online. At Business Solutions we are constantly reminded by small businesses that ‘we can’t afford a flashy, time consuming website!’ Fair comment.

However, there are some powerful, influential platforms out there. Facebook and Twitter to name just a couple. Get your business up there! Find out how these platforms work. It’s free, and, it’ll give you access to millions of potential customers.

Nevertheless, a website is still a very sound, and potentially lucrative, option. A website needs to look professional, be easy to navigate and informative. In essence, a business, not represented on the web, has diminished credibility.

  1. Personal recommendations are worth a fortune!

This is an oft overlooked marketing strategy; no need to dwell on this issue, it’s another no brainer; encourage people to say nice things about your product and service. Put their comments on your web, in your window and in all your advertising.

Why do platforms such as Amazon and eBay encourage customer feedback? Positive comments generates sales.

  1. Get free press PR

Your local newspaper can be a very good source for free advertising. The press are always looking for a story, an angle, something quirky, out of the ordinary and maybe, controversial.

Find your story, your angle … what is it about your business that’ll excite the media?

It could be that, with the right storyline, you could find your business featured in the national press and TV.

Think, dream on, and always persevere,