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How to choose an SEO or Web Agency in Cheshire

We all harbour dreams of getting onto Page One of Google, but how many of us will actually doing something about it? Many of us know the best way to improve your chances is to employ a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company. However, we can take that a step further by emptying a local company, e.g. if we were to choose an SEO company in Cheshire IF we want even more benefits.

Whilst we will take Cheshire for example in this article, it is to illustrate the benefit of using a local SEO company rather than just any online SEO company.


For British people, there are numerous advantages were they to choose an SEO company in Cheshire, not least language. British English is quite different to American English, or even ‘International English’ so it will only help if correspondence and content, especially keywords, were in ‘proper’ English.

Whilst it can be tempting to consider an international SEO company, especially in the subcontinent or Asia for price purposes, it’s virtually certain there will be language issues.


Whilst we live in the online and information age, if you were to choose a web design company in Cheshire there’s always the opportunity to visit and attend meetings. This brings many benefits, not least in terms of non-verbal communication such as body language which are impossible to detect through email, Skype, video conferencing etc.

Market awareness

Sometimes, local geography, culture and market awareness is a factor in SEO. So when you choose an SEO company in Cheshire, you know they will know your market, trading environment and most of all, the SEO workflows prevalent in your marketplace.

Should you use an international company, any SEO work undertaken may run the risk of not being relevant to local climate, culture or environment.

Worst still, there’s every chance an international company may optimise your website and domain in a different Google site than Google UK, which will be a waste of time and money.

Time zones

Should you choose an SEO or web design company in Cheshire, you can rest assured their working hours will be similar to yours.

When using international companies, one has to consider different time zones and even working days (Thursday and Friday, or Friday and Saturday are weekends in some Middle East countries for example).

When you choose an SEO company in Cheshire, you know you will stand a better chance of catching them for a meeting or a call than an international company.

Local Knowledge

Just like taxi drivers, local knowledge is the ‘secret weapon’ for SEO and web design companies. If you were to choose a web design company in Cheshire, they would know the local area, companies and personalities to gain relevance for your site. They will know the local bloggers, PRs and media sources to gain backlinks and authority for your site, which in turn will only benefit SERPS for your site.

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